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You are welcome to leave notes for me at the bottom of this page. I'll be notified by email as soon as you save the note. You are also welcome email me directly as Prices: Paid Session will take precedence over shoots on a TFP (Time For Prints) basis. Shoots done TFP will be posted here in web sized format where you may download them. If you would like two in High Resolution Print please leave a comment on the images you would like and I will have them printed for you. Session fees use the following price schedule: Session: $125 sitting fee due at booking. $ 25 per person per distinct image selected. Additional 'Look' $ 25 per look/per person. An example of this would be a session of head shots for a band with four members. The session fee: $125 Number of people: $100 Total: $225 An additional 'look' would that included all members would add another $100 to the cost of the session. A look would include but is not limited to a costume or scene change. Images from sessions are posted in a private gallery here for review and selection. Selection may be printed directly from this site for delivery by Bay Photo Labs. Selected images are downloadable in web sized format for 'TFP' shoots.
Grace caught me with Val & Lee's snake.

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